Certified Chios Practitioner Class

All Program participants will be provided with the followings:
1. Very detailed and well written course manuals.
2. Personal attunement.
3. Chios Practitioner (Level I & II) Certificate upon Completion
4. Additional hands-on Practicum

Level I Chios Course Syllabus:
Fundamentals of Chios Energy Healing System
Chios Level I Attunement
Chanelling Energy
Sensing the Energy Field
The Charkra system - its role in healing
Performing a treatment - healing the arua, working with chakras
Ways to work with specific ailments and illnesses

Level II Course Syllabus:
An intermediate level, with many additional powerful healing techniques
Chios Level II Attunement
Working with the Chios symbols
Working with energy defects
Sealing leaks and tears in different levels of the aura
Aura cleansing
Unblocking the chakras
Learning to use chakra colours
Correcting the energy flow
Specific level II healing techniques.

Chios Healing Training Class

More and more people are learning about the wonderful arts of Chios Energy Healing. Classes are conducted regularly in Singapore to provide those who to wish to develop the gift of hands-on healing.

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