Natural Therapy (Naturopathy) is very effective at treating
acute and chronic states of health in many ways, including:

* Reducing acute symptoms

* Supporting the body's ability to heal itself

* Helping the body rebalance to prevent furthur illness

* Educating individuals to take control and responsibility
... for their own health

The human body has a remarkable capacity to heal and rebalance itself, provided the factors that have created the imbalances are removed. Naturopaths consider the importance of nutrition, diet, clean fresh water, sunlight, exercises, and stress management during their consultation. Practitioners of Naturopathy are trained in both science and natural medicine, which gives them a understanding of the complex nature of patients' medical, physical and emotional histories.

There are reports from Harvard Medical School, the University of California and the University of Arizona Centre for Integrative Medicine: Heart disease, diabetes, prostrate cancer, breast cancer and obesity account for 75% of health-care cost. These are disease that are largely preventable and reversible by changing diet and lifestyle. This is exactly why Naturopathy is the perfect choice for people looking at making natural choices for improving their health.

Naturopaths will recommend nutrition and dietary changes based on individual problem. Often clients are surprised that sometimes minor changes can help to overcome long-standing problems, like indigestion or bloating. Medicinal plants have been used in all cultures and the traditional use of herbs has been proven in scientific tests. Herbs can support the liver in its function, balance hormones, improve digestion and absorption, and help maintain skin health. Whole plants, frequently used in herbal medicine, usually have few side effects due to the complexity of their constituents that work synergistically on several levels.

Homeopathic remedies and flower essences are often used to support a person during times of transition. These remedies can help the body to work through deep emotional or physical issues, and clear blockages and old patterns, promoting a free flow of energy and vital Chi froce.

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