First of all, I would like to thank you for guiding me patiently to learn Chios energy healing. In the class, your had shared a lot of valuable information and personal experiences which is more than what we can learn from our course materials. Your passion and knowledge on energy healing did give me very positive influence, and I am more sure of my direction as a healer is what I want. I also find the course manuals are very systematic and organized, and it has helped me a lot in learning Chios energy healing more effectively. ~JW, Singapore

Thanks so much Colin-
I have had a lovely experience and can feel a continuous current of what feels like electricity running through me, down my arms into my hands and down my legs too. It hasn't stopped. I touched something metal and had an electric shock! It feels like a continuous case of 'pins and needles'. I also feel WONDERFULLY calm and relaxed. ~LS Spain

at the time you where performing the attunement. I could feel some unusual tickling all over my body, that's all my impression so far. I'll be trying the various excercises and then I'll come back to you. ~AB Switzerland

At the time I sat down and prepared myself for the attunement. As I have read some of the comments from your website I had some idea of things I might experience. I don't know if you remember when TVs used to have to be tuned in, well at the time it was like my whole body my conciousness was moving up and down almost like I had to be tuned in. I began to sense waves of energy rolling over me. As I felt the waves, I also saw pulsating colours and felt a certin stillness forming around me. Does this make sense and is this within the normal range of people who recieve an attunment. The sensations I had were very strong to the point that I had to lay down to rest about 45 minutes after just to gather myself. Now I feel great. Again thank you. I can't wait to go home and start practicing. ~TH Thailand

Your Experiences .....

Thx the attunements were powerful enough for me to feel energies entering and circulating through my bodies (astral as well) and through various chakras and body parts, especialy my heart area and hands. You do have a gift. My life has been changing profoundly with all the energy work I have been doing and Chios is a definite part of that. Thanks ~CJ, USA

Just to let you know - I am "feeling" the attunement that was done this morning. I also felt the energy when I opened the email from this morning. It has already helped in my meditation. I look forward to wonderful things happening ~Jan, USA

Just to let you know, I went to the website and paid for Level Two. Level One was so incredible, I can only imagine what level two is going to be like ~Peggy. Canada

I meditated
at 3pm, indeed I have felt a warmness from within me since that time, even afterwards when I went out in the cold I felt warm. During meditation I could see funny coloured circles, which do not normally appear during my meditations ~David, UK

I'm really "feeling" energy opening up different parts of my body - certain energy centers. When I sit and meditate I am feeling physically the symbols and becoming one with them. Also when I do long distance healing - I was able to do this before - I'm able to be inside the person; but it's much more amplified now. I can "hear" what that person is saying to me. I've asked permission to do healing for this person. I'm feeling energy in both my hands - I was able to feel this before but it's right there now upon waking. I've also noticed at certain times the right side of my brain really becomes energized and I feel it in waves and tingles. Much of what I am reading from the manuels I was already aware of but never really put into practice. It's great because I feel in tune with this modality. I also know that I'm going to be able to use this particular healing system - I've checked others out - and that others will greatly benefit. And when the time is right I'm going to have people to "practice" on - I find I'm able to talk easily about Chios Healing; there is a kinship for me, feeling in tune with it.~Jan

Thank you so much for the warm welcome. Also many thanks for your generosity in sharing this marvelous art of healing with me. It has always been my dream to meet a teacher who can impart his skills to me without reservation and selfishness; someone who has the kindness of heart to understand and accept the many imperfection in me and to guide me with unceasing patience. I believe God has answered my constant prayers. I hope I can master the techniques in time to come, and serve God by bringing hope to countless suffering souls - just like what you're doing now. I'm definitely looking forward to the next Chios training ~Eve, Singapore

In search for better health and alternate healing, I stumbled upon Chios Healing's website. Somehow, walking into class on the first day, I was full of doubts and honestly, a bit cynical. I was unsure of how things will turn out and what to expect. It was also the first day I met Colin. We carried out small conversations to get to know each other a bit better while we were waiting for my classmate to arrive. From these conversations, I felt more comfortable as I found Colin to be very sincere and saw his passion in Chios. I have decided to be more open minded.

First day in class was truly an eye opener to me. Things that Colin and my classmates discussed made my eyes opened wide. I had no clue to what they were discussing about but it was sure interesting. As we continued on with the class, I realized that Chios is indeed something amazing. After the first attunement we were told to try out using our hands. There was this sense of excitement in me when I could feel the energy on the palms and on my classmate's. And the following lessons became more and more interesting when we could feel the energy at the different Chakras.

As we proceed further and after the second attunement, we were taught how to see the Chakras' colours, look for leakages and tears, energy blockage etc. The ability to 'see' and sense all these is really unbelievable. Before all these, I probably will not believe that someone even has Chakras let alone say the colours, energy blockages and so on. But now, not only do I believe they exist, I believe they affect our health and well being.

My first case study was a good friend of mine. I was very excited as it was the first time I am doing a proper healing for someone. I went through the whole healing process for her and at the same time learnt more from Colin. As the healing went on, I felt she was emotionally hurt and not happy. I knew something was bothering her before but could not do much. After the healing, we went for a drink and there, she thanked me as she was able to see "sunshine and rainbow" again. I was very thrilled. Nothing could describe my feelings then. There was a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. And in fact, after the healing, not only did I not feel tired, I felt very peaceful and calm.

Chios healing not only helped people to heal but as a healer, it has also helped me to feel more peaceful and whole. Nowadays, when I do meditation, I start smiling. There is a sense of happiness and peacefulness in me. I can never thank Colin enough for his patience and willingness to impart his knowledge to me and I hope very soon, I will be able to do what he is doing, healing with one's heart and sharing with one's sincerity.
Thank you, Colin. ~BF, Singapore

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