* Executive Burnout: Getting off the never-ending treadmill..... Releasing the compulsive- obsessive chasing after the trappings of "success". For people who are jaded, tired, over-worked, and burnt out. This essence helps them to break through the illusion of chasing after the unfulfillable dream, and to re-focus themselves on priorities that are saner, healthier and achievable. Consisting of the followings:

* Darwins Barberry: To give one a second chance. Feeling like "I had my chance, and I blew it". To get back on the horse after falling off. Feeling defeated - this essence helps one to get up and try one more time.

* Roseraire de l' Hay Rose: To help lift one out of "feeling blue" (similar, but not quite the same, as depression). Feeling helpless, lethargic, bored. To lift out of an unproductive phase, and move into activity. Includes physical body, eg. urinary activity.

* Yellow Flower Bush: To lift people out of their depression. A "catalyst" essence, that enables the other essences in an essence mix to work more easily and more fully.

Flower Essences Remedies

New Millenium Flower
Essences From New Zealand

These Super Essences are supplied in 15 ml. dropper bottles. Suitable for Personal & Pets Healing.

New Millenium Flower Essences From New Zealand


* Flax: For fear, especially fears about the future. Helps to release the "What if?" fear of what might happen, the trying to anticipate the future and imagining the worst. When we learn to let go of this anticipating the future, this frees up a huge amount of our energy to deal with the here and now.

* New Zealand Iris: "Delicate". "I am going to break". To move back from the edge. To strengthen from feelings of vulnerability and fragility. "I have the strength to carry on.... healing is mine". Affirmation:"God is my guide and support, He will not leave me now, nor ever."

* Pink Verbena: "The Pink Lady", Lady Nada. Soothes the weary-hearted, a heart balm. Behind Lady Nada, stands Mother Mary and the Divine Mother. The Divine Mother nurtures us when we have been wounded in our heart. This flower essence gives one the strength to open up to healing.

* Bloodstone: The essence of the courage of the heart. To help the spiritual warrior transcend all fears in the journey on the True Path, the path of one's heart and spirit.

* Kyanite:To help shift fear energy on the physical and emotional levels. For spiritually aware people who still have fear which is keeping them stuck and unable to take the quantum leap forward they require. Includes ancestral inheritance and past-life causes.

* Milkweed: A flower essence for people who need to reclaim their shadow self. Afraid of meeting their shadow. Our True Self includes the "All That Is", and "all" means just that..... all, which must include the dark, and all the many shades of grey, along with the light.


* Gazania :"The Dancing Gazelle". Lifts the spirits and frees the heart to dance lightly, like the gazelle.... prancing and jumping. To be able to prance, jump and land again. Frees one from the feeling of feeling like being stuck in tar, not being free to dance. Unable to leap free of the beliefs of the past (mental). Even when one jumps, one lands in the tar again, and this essence frees one from this.

* Roseraire de l' Hay Rose: To help lift one out of "feeling blue". Feeling helpless, lethargic, bored. To lift out of an unproductive phase, and move into activity. Includes physical body, eg. urinary activity.

* Olearia: For when one has been caught up in an aberration of thought, mental processes overworked. To streamline the thought process. Mental body, mental level - to find the forward path.

* Red Clover: This essence helps one to be able to play and work at the same time.


* Plum: To encourage the energy of abundance in one's life. Experiencing a severe sense of lack in one's life. For people who believe they do not have the ability to create a rich life full of love.

* Cabbage Tree: To hold the truth of prosperity. To help let go of the blocks that prevent us from totally knowing that we have eternal to Divine Abundance. (Like - there is nothing to want, we already have it.)

* Dark Pink/Violet Bush: To help with the assimilation of sugar in one's diet. To help in the assimilation of sweetness in one's life; where a person works hard at denying oneself happiness, in this context the happiness of being abundant.

Feng Shui Super Essences For House Blessing

Cleansing * Cleansing all aspects of the energy of the house. Processing and transmuting negative energies and energies from the past that are embedded in the structure of the house.

Energising * Red Clover: Enhances all aspects of the house chi energy. Lifts the frequency of vibration to a higher overall level and also calms, enhances, warms, enhances the ambience of the energy, and brings in the energy of prosperity and of laughter and happiness.

Transforming * Peace Lily: Transforming the house chi by changing the energy into a more peaceful and harmonious state, within the house and in the wider neighborhood. Also grounds the house energy, neutralises the negative effects of underground water, and aligns the house energy with the earth's magnetic field.

Aligning * Angelica: Aligning the house chi with the "face" of the house. Also focussing and aligning the "personality energy" of the house, and aligning and anchoring the house energy with the energy of Mother Earth and the cosmos.

Balancing * Spur Valerian: Balancing all aspects of the house energy, including the house meridians, the chakras, the atmosphere, and also with the energy of the surrounding neighborhood. Also gives a degree of immunity to the energy of "stormy weather".

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