What is Energy Healing


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Let us begin by correcting one misconception here. A Energy Healing practitioner doesn't treat any health condition. To treat, you must diagnose. And to diagnose means, giving a label that meets certain rigid parameters based on what can be measured or quantified in the physical laboratory.

Energy Healing works on the premises that all diseases and health disorders, irrespective of what names or labels that are attached to them, boil down to one thing - energy imbalances. The names or the diagnoses given to them only reflect the locations and the effects of these energy imbalances on the overall body system.

If we could detect and correct these energy imbalances, wellness will be restored to the sufferer. This will happen no matter what names were given to the manifested clinical signs and symptoms in the first place. Energy Healing seeks to do just this, restore balance or homeostasis; and it does it marvelously well.

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